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Ivory Paper
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Specification of Ivory Paper

Ivory Paper

Ivory Paper is a paper that is safe to use as FOOD PACKAGING. This Ivory paper has 2 white sides with different textures.

Usually Ivory Paper is used for Box or Packaging because it is quite thick and sturdy. And what makes this Ivory Paper more interested is the "Exclusive" impression. Food packaging in many restaurants today also uses Ivory Paper as the basic ingredient of their Food Dus, in addition to safe for food, this paper also has a more exclusive design. Commonly used gramations are 210gr, 230gr, 250gr, 300gr, 350gr. We also provide various kinds of other paper.

210gr / 79 x 109

230gr / 79 x 109

250gr / 79 x 109

310gr / 79 x 109

350gr / 79 x 109

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