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Specification of HVS paper

HVS paper

HVS stands for Houtvrij Schrijfpapier (Dutch), which means wood-free writing paper. HVS type paper is made from pulp (paper pulp) that does not contain lignin (inter-fiber adhesive in the tree), so it is not easy to change color (to yellowish) if placed in the sun or light.

HVS paper is a high-quality writing paper that comes in various sizes. Both dimensions (pxl) and weight size. In Indonesia HVS paper is usually in production with 3 levels of weight size that is 60 gr, 70 gr and 80 gr. While the size dimensions of HVS paper are usually made in 2 options, namely Kuarto HVS paper size and HVS size Folio paper.

50gr / 65 x 100

58gr / 65 x 100

70gr / 65 x 100

45gr / 63 x 97.5

45gr / 65 x 101

80gr/ 65 x 100

80gr / 86 x 66.5

Hvs warna

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